“My dream is to inspire and make the the viewer
feel like they are there in the image.” — Tomas

Tom and Erica at Urquhart Castle, Stonehenge, Seven Sisters and Chatsworth House.


Tom’s Story

As a child growing up Tom had a large  framed photograph of a mountain scene with a river running through it hanging in his home. Throughout his childhood years he would gaze at this photograph and almost become a part of the picture. He always remembered wanting to create an image like that, one that would take the viewer there.

Years later he began photographing as a hobby and quickly turned it into a profession. For ten years he made a living doing portraits, weddings, and modeling shoots.  He also worked in camera repair and the photofinishing business. In 1997, he went to work for one of the counties largest photo printing and processing companies as a field service engineer. Twenty years later he still works for this company as an account executive.  Over all these years he shot wildlife, landscapes, and anything that caught his eye. Every “vacation” was really just one big photo shoot for him though he never tried to sell any of these images.

In March 2014, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of traveling to England and Scotland. When he arrived in Scotland he felt like a salmon that had been swimming upstream its whole life to return to its ancestral home. His ancestors on both sides of his family are from Scotland. He was able to find his fourth great- grandparent’s grave site. He also went to Balnagown Castle, Scotland where his third great-grandfather had been the caretaker. Traveling through the United Kingdom was a magical experience, and he tried to catch that magic with his camera.

Upon returning home he began editing and sharing his images. The response he has received from many people has convinced him it is time to start sharing his art. He has also begun to dig through 30 years of image files bringing back to life images he hasn’t done anything with in years. Along with new images he is constantly taking, he hopes to eventually show his life’s work in the image galleries on this site  ♦

Tom and Erica at Loch Ness, Scotland with Nessie in the background.

“Many people think when you take a picture it’s a done deal
and ready to print but the reality is even Ansel Adams
adjusted his photographs in the printing process.”

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