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I was interviewed on the Understand Photography Show!

I was interviewed last month on the Understand Photography Show by Peggy Farren. This was a really wonderful experience where we brainstormed on how to find your niche and create your own signature look to help build your brand. The Understand Photography Show is a Podcast and a video broadcast. Check out at this link. […]

Museum Aluminum Mounted Prints versus Dye-Sublimation Aluminum Prints

Dye-sublimation aluminum prints are all the rage right now. Go to any art festival or photography gallery and the photographers are almost exclusively showing their images on dye-sublimation aluminum. I even got sucked into the trend hook, line and sinker…well at first anyway. So what are dye-sublimation aluminum prints? Dye-sublimation is the technology of printing […]

Over Saturated or Unicorn Free Zone?

Earlier this year while doing the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City someone made a comment that stuck in my mind. This person said in reference to my image “The Green Cellarium” something like “the colors are so vibrant and overwhelming, I don’t think I could have something that bright in my home.” This […]

Is photography Art?

So begins the almost age old debate. Photography has its roots somewhere in the forgotten past but the process of taking a picture and preserving it on some type of medium was invented by Louis Daguerre about 1839 in the daguerreotype process. The metal-based daguerreotype process soon had some competition from the paper-based calotype negative […]

Depth of Field

Years ago a customer picked up a roll of film from a lab I ran. After looking at the pictures, she complained parts of the pictures were out of focus. I examined the pictures and saw they were of teenagers in a field with a horse. Some of the kids were further back while others […]

Double Exposure

It has been a while since my last post. Life has been busy with building my website, editing more images and working my day job. In my last post I talked about exposure and some adventures I have had in trying to teach others about how to get a proper exposure. I finished that post […]

An exposé on exposure.

  Over the years of working in photography and photofinishing I have seen a lot of changes. I remember being in a meeting over 20 years ago with a Kodak rep and a Fuji rep. They were introducing us to APS film and explained this new film was going to be an intermediary until digital took […]

Your phone is NOT a camera.

I have decided to start a regular blog post to let people get to know me a little better.  I am going to tell stories and adventures of my 30 years in the field of photography! But first let me tell you a little more about me. Most people do not know but my photography […]