I Can't Drive 55 Tom's Newest Work

2020 has been a year of change and extremes. Covid wrecked havoc on the country and the economy, protesters marched to stop police brutality and rioting destroyed cities. Art shows and festival were canceled, people sheltered in place hardly leaving their homes and I turned 55 in July just over halfway through the year.

Unlike many others, I have gotten out and photographed in 2020. I have traveled all over Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. It helps to be a nature photographer, the further I can get away from people the better for me. On March 20, 2020 we rented a side by side with cat tracks and drove the Mirror Lake Highway, Utah, in a snow storm. It was glorious and we literally only saw three other people on snow machines as they raced past us. The next day on the 21'st we drove another road that is plowed all winter long in the Henry's Fork area of the Uinta Mountains and never even saw another person. We snowshoed into a spot on untracked snow, the nearest other human being was easily 10 miles away, it was amazing. I drove through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, and there were very few people. I drove to Havre Montana looking for a specific shot of grain fields, rolling hills and puffy cloud filled skies. I found it and captured the image "Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies." I photographed the comet Neowise in the high mountains and on the Salt Flats, I captured the Milky Way over Jackson Lake, over small ponds and forests. We traveled to the Central Cost of California and I shot ocean waves, sunsets, Big Sur, boats and forests. Honestly this has been one of the most productive years of photographing I have ever had.

2020 also is the year I decided to reinvent myself. I decided to go through the 'de-Santafication process'. I shaved my beard, and committed to loosing 40 pounds. I started the year at 185 and I'm currently as of August 17th down to 160 pounds, over half way to my goal! For me 2020 has been a pretty good year!

This Gallery contains my favorite photographs from 2020. As I take them, edit them, and get them on this site you will see this gallery grow. I hope you enjoy these images.

Most images are available in Open Edition Gallery-Wrapped Canvas and all are available in Limited Edition Fine Art printings of no more than 500 in the various Museum-Grade formats.

The photographs in this gallery are a selected collection of Tom's photographs. These are just a portion of the images you can find on this website. Many more photos can be found grouped by subject in the search archives.