Mt Timpanogos Utah

Mount Timpanogos, Utah

A Utah Favorite

Mount Timpanogos, or just "Timp" as locals call her, is a mountain that towers over Utah Valley and the cities of Orem, Pleasant Grove and Lindon.

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Lady in Red

Mount Timpanogos, Utah

With amazing views of the mountain from all of Utah Valley, the Heber Valley, and parts of Salt Lake Valley, Timpanogos is a Utah favorite of which to photograph, hike and purchase art.

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Timpanogos is a word from the Timpanogots Tribe who lived in the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys until the mid- 1800's. Timpanogos translates as "rock" (tumpi-), and "water mouth" or "canyon" (panogos). The story of a native maiden climbing to the top and laying down to die is a fictional creation that was written in the early 1900's by BYU Professor Eugene Lusk Roberts. Most people view the 'maiden' from the Heber Valley side of the mountain and can see her profile with her face to the south and her hair flowing down into Provo Canyon. Timp is the second tallest peak in the Wasatch Mountains reaching an elevation of 11,752 feet.

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Hiking Timpanogos

I went to junior and senior high school in Provo, Utah and grew up gazing at Mount Timpanogos and hiking her trails. I fell in love with the rugged beauty of this rocky mountain and her snow covered slopes. Summiting Timpanogos can be done from the Aspen Grove Trail near Sundance Ski Resort with a 4,842-foot elevation gain, or the Timpooneke Trail at the campground with an elevation gain of 4,382 feet. Both trails are about 14 miles roundtrip, and though frequented by many hikers, this climb is hard and long taking most people 12 hours or more to complete.

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Photographing Wildlife on Timpanogos

Wildlife such as mule deer, elk, and moose are easily found and abundant on Timpanogos. There are also bear, mountain lion, bobcat, badger and many smaller animals such as chipmunks, marmots and cute little pika that live in the rocks at the higher elevations. A favorite for people to see and photograph are the mountain goats which were transplanted on the mountain in 1981.

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The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop Scenic Drive, Utah Highway 92, traverses through the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest from American Fork Canyon to Highway 189 in Provo Canyon. This wonderful drive gives amazing views to photograph Timpanogos from forested locations on the north and eastern side of the mountain. The Alpine Loop passes Timpanogos Cave National Monument in American Fork Canyon which is a must see if you are interested in a short 1/2 an hour hike and stunning tour of of a natural cave system. The Alpine Loop also offers many wonderful picnic, camping, hiking and photography locations many of which offer views of Timpanogos that are unique.

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Driving the Alpine Loop Scenic Drive also gives access to Cascade Springs with it's myriad of pools, streams and bubbling fountains. There are many amazing views of Timpanogos from the Cascade Springs area as well as hiking, camping and photography opportunities in beautiful forested locations.

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I also discovered The Enchanted Forest while exploring the areas around Timpanogos and spent an evening photographing this magical place. White aspen trees crowned in gold with fiery grass at their feet and mysterious forest groves that receive their magic from the heart of the mountain made for an evening of awe and wonder.

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Camping on Timpanogos

Camping around Mount Timpanogos can be done in improved or primitive campgrounds. Little Mill, Granite Flat and Timpooneke are fee campgrounds with tent or RV pads. More primitive campsites like Salamander Flats are free with others available on the Timpooneke Road, Forest Road 056, which begins at upper Timpooneke campground. Forest Road 056 is best suited for high-clearance four wheel drive vehicles and passes under the north peak of Timp. It continues around the western side of the mountain ending in a large meadow between Grove Creek and Battle Creek Canyons. Timpanogos is a federal wilderness area but you can backpack and camp in many areas on the mountain as long as you follow wilderness camping procedures.

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Provo Canyon and Bridal Veil Falls

Provo Canyon, Highway 189, also offers spectacular views of Timpanogos as you come down the canyon heading west. Taking the Sundance Ski Resort turn off will give you wonderful opportunities for photography and to explore Timpanogos on trails like Stewart Falls or Aspen Grove. Continuing west down Provo Canyon you can visit Bridal Veil Falls, a gorgeous waterfall that tumbles off Mount Cascade and is south of Timpanogos. While viewing Bridal Veil Falls do not forget to turn around and see the towering view of Mount Timpanogos behind you.

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Fine Art Prints for Sale

Mount Timpanogos is magical no matter where you are viewing her. With its glaciated cirques, snow-capped peaks, rocky slopes and forested feet this mountain is a Utah favorite to photograph for good reason. If you are looking for a wonderful piece of photographic art for your home of Timpanogos contact me and we can discuss what images I have or you can commission me to take the photograph you have always wanted.

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