Swiss Days Midway, Utah 2017


Wow Swiss Days in Midway, Utah was an experience and one we hope to repeat every year from now on! What a fun and profitable few days! They estimate 100 thousand people showed up for the two days and we believe it!

We got on site later than expected Thursday evening and didn’t get set up until about 10:30 PM. While we were setting up a few local teenagers came by and told us they would be willing to sleep in our tent as added security for whatever fee we felt reasonable. We thought it was a great idea and told them to get there sleeping bags! They had fun and made some money and we were able to sleep a little more soundly. Swiss Days is a free event held in the town park and even though they have security it is always nice to know that someone is in your tent over night.

The event officially started Friday morning at 8:00 AM. We arrived back on site at 7:30 and people were already open and there were crowds of shoppers! By noon we had already taken in doubled what our booth fee cost!

My strategy at this event was to show new limited edition images only and to not sell the prints off the walls but to take orders letting the customers know I would deliver or ship the print to them. That way they would not have to worry about transporting the print home and I would still have images on my walls throughout the whole show! The very first customer of the morning came in and said he wanted to buy the 40×60 inch metal of Horseshoe bend. When I told him this image was number one in the edition that I keep for myself and I would deliver number two to him within a week or so he was ecstatic that he would not have to transport such a large image home! All weekend went like that!

We finally rolled out Sunday morning at 1:00 AM and didn’t get to bed until 3:00 AM. Sunday the 3rd we rested and I began the process of getting orders ready for delivery! Today the 4th I will be finishing up getting orders placed so my print shop can get them done.

Every order I took was for large aluminum metal prints. They were the stars of the show! People could not get over how vibrant and back lite the images look! I actually had people come in and try to look behind the print to see if there was a light behind shinning through the image! When I showed them a small print and how it is actually solid aluminum they could not get over it!

I want to thank all the wonderful people who purchased my images and for all the compliments I got. I am hoping I get accepted to Swiss Days for many years to come!

My Swiss Miss, Erica's Mother immigrated from Switzerland.
My Swiss Miss, Erica's Mother immigrated from Switzerland.
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