Blog: Utah Scottish Festival 2017


Thank you everyone who came out to the Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games at the Utah State Fair Grounds June 9-11 it was an amazing time!!

This year we were able to be indoors which made such a difference in how we could display my photographs. I was able to hang on six walls and display almost all the work I currently have in stock! We had so many wonderful people come in and talk with us and buy my work, I really appreciate all the support and compliments I received.

I was showing one of the Festival staff the old photograph of me when I had red hair and he told me I looked like Ed Sheeran the English singer/ song writer. This staff person told me Ed was at the festival incognito and a few people recognized him and got pictures with him. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even know who he is and I had to look him up today. Well low and behold I was looking at Ed’s profile and I fully remember talking to him! I joked with him that I use to have hair his color and now I tell all the little kids who are redheads that if they don’t eat their green vegetables they will end up looking like me! Ed laughed and said he would have to remember that line!! It is too bad I didn’t know who he was I would have pulled out my guitar that I had stashed under a display and had him play a little for us!!

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Utah Scottish Festival 2017

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