These prints are perfect for the client who wants a non-reflective classic art piece in their home or office at a less expensive price point. These are printed on Artist-Grade canvas with archival pigment ink. The canvas is mounted and wrapped to a sturdy substrate of 1 1/4 inch with a patented design. These canvas prints will never sag or need re-stretching. The back is finished with a black backing, attached wall hangers and corner bumpers.

Tree of Life

Limited Edition of 500 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

This is probably the single most photographed tree in the world and yet I didn’t know that when I took this picture. My daughter lives in Portland and every time we visit her we make a trip to the Japanese Garden, this photograph is from our trip in May of 2015. At the time I was only aware on one other photographer who had photographed this tree, Rodney Lough Jr. I titled this image “The Tree of Life”, not even knowing who Peter Lik was or that he had an image of this tree titled the same. The tree of life concept is runs very deep in my personal beliefs and choosing this name was natural for me. This little tree is only about 8 feet tall but when photographed from ground level looks like a giant. I was actually laying on the ground to get this photograph and the early spring colors really make the tree come to life with green, yellow, and red.

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