Tomas is proud to offer his photographs in the highest quality museum grade prints available with archival ratings of hundreds of years! Over the years Tomas has had many requests for prints to hang in bright sunlit rooms, but has had to decline because traditional photographic papers and dye-sublimation prints fade in direct sunlight. Now, Tomas can not only offer non-fading prints, but he can guarantee against fading for life! Each Museum Grade print is made with highly archival pigment paper inks. This print type has the highest color gamut of any print type in the industry. The colors are deep and rich, the whites pure and the blacks complete. These pigment paper prints have been tested to last over 100 years behind standard glass in normal viewing environments. When put behind UV inhibiting glass or laminates the archival quality of these prints has been proven to last over 200 years!

If one of Tom’s prints fades while being displayed in your home or office, even if it hangs in direct sunlight for extended periods each day, Tomas will replace it for free! If you find fading or image loss in your print, contact us. We will require the original faded print and certificate of authenticity returned to us. Upon inspection of the faded print, a replacement will be printed from the original signed and numbered image file, and shipped to you. Tomas is so sure that his limited edition prints will never fade, even when hung in direct sunlight, he is willing to offer this replacement guarantee at no cost! Feel free to contact us, if you have any concerns or questions.

Shown as a 24x36 inch print in Roma Dark Ash frame.
Castle Combe

Limited Edition of 50 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

This photograph is of Castle Combe, in Wiltshire England. Castle Combe is wonderful little village and has been used in a number of movies. My favorite movie that was filmed on location here was Star Dust, where it was used as the town of Wall. We visited this village on 4/7/2014 and I felt as if I were in a movie, it was like walking back in time. We parked just outside of town and as we walked toward this bridge I visualized the image I wanted. I quickly set up and got the shot. It has been one of my best sellers!

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