The Silver standard of Fine Art Printing, with lifetime no-fade guarantee!

A pigment paper print with archival rating of hundreds of years is laminated with a highly scratch resistant UV inhibiting overlay and is then carefully matted behind a Crescent Museum Solid Rag, 8 ply, 100% pure cotton Matte. Offered in White or Black these are solid core, meaning the matte is a solid color all the way through. These mattes are naturally acid-free, lignin- free, and museum grade. The backboard is 1/8th inch buffered, acid-free foam board made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose. Matted in what is called a “conservation safe manner,” the print is not permanently bound to the matte or backboard allowing the picture to be removed and re-matted, if desired. Mattes offered only for print sizes up to 48 inches in length.

This print type has the highest color gamut of any print type in the industry. The colors are deep and rich, the whites pure and the blacks complete. These pigment paper prints have been tested to last over 100 years behind standard glass in normal viewing environments. When put behind UV inhibiting glass or laminates the archival quality of these prints has been proven to last over 200 years! If one of your Museum Matted Prints fades, Tomas will replace it at no cost to you!

This print type needs to be framed. You can see our Frame Options or contact us directly and we can help you pick out the perfect frame for your print.

Happy Trees

Limited Edition of 100 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I took this image on July 3, 2019. We took the whole week off to stay at our family cabin and relax and photograph. One of my favorite places is the Mirror Lake Highway and I wanted to spend time in the area getting photographs I had never done before. This evening we walked the Mirror Lake shoreline as I looked for a scene of the mountains in the background with the reflection and an interesting foreground. I was visualizing a 1:2 ratio panoramic photograph framed with trees and when I found this spot I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I debated about having the trees in the middle of the image, but I really liked the overall scene and how it reminded me of a Bob Ross painting with his ‘happy trees’.

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