Acrylic Mounted Prints

A Fujiflex print is Face Mounted on ¼” Truelife® acrylic and backed with another piece of acrylic. The edges are hand polished for a crystal clear look that allows the light to enter from the side and illuminate the print. The adhesive used in this process is Diasec® brand, a silicon adhesive combined with a proprietary product that ensures a complete and permanent bond. Unlike sticky film-based acrylic mounts that look similar, Diasec® is engineered to never separate, bubble, peel, or fail. The print is UV filtered, chemically inert and stable, yet remains flexible allowing it to withstand environmental changes that can wreak havoc on an acrylic print that uses adhesive films. It is THE preservation method trusted by museums of fine art world-wide. The available light transmission of the acrylic and the fluid Diasec® process allows for optimal light penetration and refraction, enhancing image definition. Diasec® outshines the film-based adhesives and direct printing processes that look lesser by comparison. A French cleat hanging system is included and the print is ready to hang on the wall. This presentation is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern approach to display the artwork.

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