Arizona, USA, Caballos Fantasmas del Rio, “Tejedor” (Water Strider)


Limited Edition of 50 prints

My first trip to the Salt River, Arizona a year before was basically a scouting trip. This time I had 5 days to photograph and I had a mission. I didn’t want ordinary images of wild horses I wanted something different. My goal was to capture the mustangs in blurred, abstract motion. I had a concept but you never know what the conditions will provide. Every day was sunny and warm, the lighting was perfect and I was able to capture exactly what I was hoping.

I decided to name this series “Caballos Fantasmas del Rio” (Ghost horses of the River). I found it fitting for such abstract ghostly images.

1/27/2018 6:02 p.m. I had been at the river since 3 p.m. exploring the area and watching for the horses. They finally arrived and started drinking and feeding along the river. As the light turned golden I started shooting images of them feeding but I wanted more. My goal for this trip was to get artistically blurred images of the horses in movement, I continued to wait. The sun sank behind Red Mountain as I watched and waited. The sunset began to explode in a myriad of colors. Then it happened, the horses began to move. First the stallion decided it was time to go and he crossed the river right in front of me, then the others started crossing. I shot from my tripod with a long shutter speed catching the crisp sunset and blurring the horses. As the last horse crossed I changed my tactic. I hand held the camera and panned, following the horse as it crossed, clicking away, hoping one would stand out as a keeper. This image is the apex of what I wanted. The blur of the horse and water, but the sharpness of the horse as it turned and looked at me. The movement of the legs causing a blur that makes it seem as if it is striding across the water like the insect known as a Water Strider. Tejedor is the Spanish word for the aquatic insects that walk or stride on the water.

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