London, England, LDS Temple “Reflection”


Limited Edition of 100 prints

The London England Temple was dedicated on September 7, 1958 and rededicated on October 19, 1992 and is the 12th temple of the LDS Church.

We visited this temple while on our trip to England and Scotland in March of 2014 and we stayed five nights in the accommodations on the grounds. It was a wonderful experience being able to walk the grounds and photograph and then do sealings and sessions. This morning we walked the grounds and I found this reflection of the temple astounding! I searched for a quote on temples and reflections and found the below quote perfect for this image.

The temple is a scale model of the universe.
The mystique of the temple lies in its extension to other worlds;
it is the reflection on earth of the heavenly order, and the power
that fills it comes from above.
Hugh Nibley quoted by Joseph B Wirthlin in the April 1992 General Conference talk Seeking the Good.




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