Mount Timpanogos, Utah, “Autumn Meadow”


Limited Edition of 25 Prints. This image is part of my Film Series. These are images I had taken on film before I switched to digital. Because it was shot on film and then scanned, when enlarging this image to 24×36 and 30×45 film grain will be visible, especially in the sky. Some people might find this detracts from the image. I personally think the film grain adds to the mood and character of the image.

This image was taken on the front side of Mount Timpanogos in Utah. This meadow can be reached from a dirt road called the Timpanooke Road accessible from American Fork Canyon. Driving this road to the end, one usually needs four-wheel drive but it is worth the trip. This big meadow is one of my favorite places. I took this image years ago sometime in the ’90’s with my old Nikon F, and if I remember right a 50mm lens.




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Also Available in Limited Edition Metal and Acrylic Three Panel Prints from 16×24 -30×45

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