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These workshops are a private one on one training for those in the local Utah area. Depending on the amount of time purchased you will be instructed by Tom on everything from camera operations and composition to post production editing, critiquing  and printing of your work. These private consultations are very customized to fit your specific needs. If you would like more information and to schedule a private workshop with Tom drop us an e-mail at or just select and pay for the amount of time you would like and we will contact you to arrange your private training session.

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Tomas has over 30 years of experience in the field of photography. He started his journey in 1986 when he purchased his first 35mm SLR an old Yashica FR. In January of 1987 Tomas took his first job in the industry working at Carmel Camera Center in Carmel, California. He then moved into photofinishing where he began learning color and black and white film developing and printing. All the while Tomas was honing his skill as a photographer.

In 1988 he began photographing in portrait studios and soon had his own business working for modeling agencies in the Monterrey, California area along with shooting freelance, doing weddings and portraits. Tomas also took a stint in the camera repair industry where he was trained to repair cameras and after moving back to Utah in 1990 he opened his own camera repair business. Tomas continued making money doing weddings, portraits and even product photography along with continuing work in the photofinishing industry.

In 1997 Tomas started a career with Fuji Film USA as a field service engineer fixing photo processing and printing equipment. In 2004 Tomas became an account manager for Fuji helping to oversee the Wal-Mart 1 Hour Photo Center account. He continues this position still, for a branch of Fuji, Customer Engineering Services.

In 1997 Tomas stopped doing portrait and wedding photography and began concentrating on his passion of landscape, nature and wildlife. He often jokes that animals and landscapes don’t pay you to take their picture, but he has been able to grow his photography business into a successful venture and his art now decorates homes all over the USA, Canada and Europe.

Over the years Tomas has seen many different changes in the world of photography, the advent of digital and Photoshop have been true game changers. Having to learn Photoshop and the skills of digital editing is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and though he doesn’t consider himself a “know it all” with Photoshop, Tomas has acquired the skills needed to work with digital image files.

There are many people now offering classes and guided photography tours, in fact it seems every person with a $1000 camera considers themselves a “professional” or an “expert” in photography. The reality is people like Tomas are rare and a fountain of knowledge for those who are interested in learning from an old gray beard.

Additional information

Private Workshop $95 per hour up to 4 hours or $75 per hour up to 12 hours

1 hour $95, 2 hour $190, 3 hour $285, 4 hour $380, 6 hour $450, 8 hour $600, 10 hour $750, 12 hour $900


  1. Tanya

    I spent four hours with Tomas photographing in the evening, it was wonderful! I learned so much and he was very patient teaching me how to use my camera and what makes a great picture!

  2. Robert

    Tomas was great to work with. He taught me so much in the three hours we spent together. It was money well spent.

  3. Kathy

    Tom was fantastic to work with!

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