Saratoga Springs, Utah, “Caeruleus Arbor”


Limited Edition of 50 prints

I took this image on 3/6/2018 after photographing “Pretty in Pink”. I got back to my car and turned around to see this wonderful blue reflection on Loch Lomond Pond. ‘Blue hour’ as it is known is the hour after sunset when the sky can turn a deep blue, I love photographing during this hour when I can. You may have noticed I have an affinity for trees, especially stark bare trees, many of my images have one or more in them. I love the shape of bare trees when you can see every branch. When it came time to title this image I knew I wanted it to be named with a reference to blue. My wife and I got looking for names of shades of blue and she found cerulean which I liked, then she found the root of the word is caeruleas in Latin and knew with the Latin word for tree, arbor we had a winner!

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Available in Open Edition 6×12 and 8×16 loose and matted prints.

Available in Limited Edition Museum Matted Prints sizes 16×32, 20×40, and 24×48.

Available in Limited Edition Museum  Aluminum Mount, Acrylic Mount and  Mounted Print sizes from 16×32 – 36×72.

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