Saratoga Springs, Utah, “Grate-full Reflection”


Limited Edition of 25 Prints. This image is part of my Film Series. These are images I had taken on film before I switched to digital. Because it was shot on film and then scanned, when enlarging this image to 24×36 and 30×45 film grain will be visible, especially in the sky. Some people might find this detracts from the image. I personally think the film grain adds to the mood and character of the image.

I will never forget the day I took this image. I don’t remember the exact year, it would have been between 2004 and 2006, but the day was very memorable. I was exploring around the shoreline of Utah Lake in Saratoga Springs, Utah and I decided to check out a new housing development and a park in the area.  I parked my car and started exploring on foot. When I returned to my car I fumbled with my keys in my pocket and dropped them. I was standing on top of a waste water grate and my keys fell through the grate into the darkness. I grabbed a flashlight and could see my keys sitting in three inches of water about four feet below. Hmm…. what to do? I called the city and begged them to send someone out to pull the grate and retrieve my keys. Luckily about half an hour later I had my keys back in my hand. I was very ‘grate-full‘ for their assistance!



Available in Open Edition 5×7, 8×10, and 10×15 loose and matted prints.

Available in Open Edition Canvas Gallery Wrap Print sizes from 11×14 – 30×40.

Available in Limited Edition metal, acrylic, matted and framed print sizes from 16×24 – 30×45

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