Mount Timpanogos Art Prints For Sale

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Mount Timpanogos or just Timp as locals call her is the second highest mountain in the Wasatch Range of Utah. This mountain towers over Utah Valley and is a Utah favorite to hike and camp around. With easy access to Timpanogos from Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon, Timp offers amazing outdoor, wilderness experiences. The Mountain was designated as a National Wilderness area in 1984. Local folklore tells how the mountain resembles the profile of a woman laying on her back. This story originates in the early 1900's by Eugene Lusk Roberts a BYU professor who came up with the story of an Native women who climbed to the top of the mountain and died. Most people see the profile from the Heber Valley side of the mountain with her hair flowing down into Provo Canyon. Timpanogos is also famous for the Timpanogos Cave National Monument which is accessed in American Fork Canyon.

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