The Art in Homes and Offices

Try our new “virtual proof” service!!

Do you need a way to visualize how Tom’s images would look on your wall? The solution is simple… follow these three easy steps and you will be sent a virtual proof of the image you chose placed in your home or office.

  1. Take a picture of the space where you would like to see the image. Make sure to stand directly in front the area you are photographing.
  2. Take measurements of the space. For example, measure the width from edge to edge and height from the ceiling to the floor. Also measure the furniture length for our reference.
  3. E-mail us the measurements and your picture you took of the space. Include the sizes and names of Tom’s images you would like placed on your wall.¬† The e-mail address is

Make sure to choose a size that will fill the space.

“Autumn Storm” 48×72 Acrylic Museum Mount print.

24×36 inch print in Roma Forest Leaf frame


Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona 20×90 inch Acrylic Museum Mount print


Ashness Bridge, England, White Matte, Dark Brown Frame 30×45 inch print


“Desert Sentinel” 40×60 inch four panel Metal print


“Desert Monet” Midnight Brown frame, 40×60 inch print


“Desert Paradise” 40×60 inch Metal print


“Behind the Veil” 48×72 inch three panel Acrylic print

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona 40×60 inch Metal print

“Tree of Life” 30×45 inch Metal print

“Water Colors” Dark Brown Frame 40×60 inch print

“Celestial Arch” Black Matte Midnight Brown frame 30×45 inch print

“Fire on the Mountain” 30×45 inch three panel Acrylic print


“Autumn Meadow” 30×45 Acrylic print


“Illusive Light” Dark Brown Frame 40×60 inch print


“Mountain Blaze” 40×60 inch Three Panel Acrylic print


“Urban Illusions” 40×60 Metal print


“Abstract Aspens” 30×45 in Metal print


“Relativity”, Light Brown frame, 30×45 inch print


“Down Town Distortion” 24×72 Three Panel Acrylic


“Autumn Contrast” 30×45 Metal Six Panel print


“Forest Fire” 30×45 inch Acrylic print.


“Looking Upward” Midnight Brown Frame, 30×45 inch Print


“Eternal Light” Metal¬† 40×60


“Galactic Barn” Midnight Brown Frame, 30×45


“All a Glow” 30×45 Acrylic.


Kilchurn Castle, Scotland, Midnight Brown frame 24×36.


“Tatanka” 30×45 inch print Cherry Brown frame

“Let there be Light” 30×45 inch three panel Metal

Salt River Heron 24×72 Acrylic print