Blog: Color Waves


Relaxing video from Garrapata State Park, California of wildflowers and waves.

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Color Waves

Big Sur, California

Limited Edition of 100 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

This photograph is #2 in a series of four all shot within a 45 minute period on June 12, 2020. The series name is Wildflowers and Waves. These photographs were all taken at Soberanes Point in Garrapata State Park, California and from the exact same location. Tomas only zoomed in or out and turned the tripod head to change perspective.

In this photograph I wanted to bring the rolling waves and rugged shoreline more into the scene. Catching waves at the perfect time takes patience and watchfulness, knowing just when to press the shutter. I love the lines in this image, the line of the trail and the wave leading the viewer's eyes into the scene. The wildflowers were truly amazing with the red of the paintbrush, the yellow of the yarrow and the purple hues of the scattered daisies. The rugged coastline, clouds and mountains falling into the ocean was breathtaking. This was one of those scenes it was hard to actually work and not just stare in awe.

Shown as a 30x45 inch print in Roma Cigar Leaf frame.

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