Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints

Tomas provides a variety of print types for his photographs and offers a lifetime no-fade guarantee on the limited edition prints. Below are links with information about limited edition prints, artist proofs, the no-fade guarantee, and limited edition print types.

Limited Edition and Artist Proof Prints

Lifetime No-fade Guarantee

Limited Edition Print Types are as follows:

Gallery Ultra Lumachrome Acrylic Mounted Print

Museum Acrylic Mounted Print

Museum Aluminum Mounted Print

Artist Choice Framed Print

Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

Autumn on the Virgin River in Zion National Park.

Limited Edition of 10 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

Photography is a visual art like painting, and as such there are certain compositional guidelines that should be followed. Leading lines, that take the viewer's eyes into the image, placement of objects in the composition, colors that compliment each other. These items make the foundation for the rest of the image. When I picked this location I based the composition on all these things, but more than that I liked the sandstone rock wall at the back. The point of the image is the towering cliff face of Zion carved by eons of time, sculpted from the foundations of the earth.

framed photograph of Zion National Park in autumn
Shown as a 30x45 inch print in the Roma Stone Etched Gold frame with a Black Liner.