Virtual Proof-Tom's photograph on your wall

Visualize Tom's Art on Your Wall!

It can be difficult to visualize what a piece of art will look like in your home or office. It is also normal to be unsure about purchasing an art print without seeing it in person first. We have made it as easy as possible for you to see how Tom's work will look on your wall space and best of all it is free!

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Stand directly in front of the wall space where you want to display the photograph.

2. Take a picture with your phone.

3. Measure the width of the area for reference.

4. Contact us and we will have you email us the photograph of your wall space.

We will then create a virtual proof of the images of your choice on your wall in Photoshop and e-mail the proofs back to you!

photograph of Bridal Veil Falls, Utah on home wall.
Virtual Proof for Client Tari. Shown as a 48x72 inch Aluminum Mount print