Choosing a frame for your fine art photography print

Choosing to frame your fine art print or not is a very personal choice. Do you have rustic or modern décor in your home or office? Do you like the look of the float mount or the accent a proper frame can offer? At Tomas W. Mitchell Fine Art Photography we have many frame options from which to choose. With full access to Roma Molding Frames, Studio Olea Frames or custom made Barnwood Rustic Frames, we offer a complete selection of frames for your fine art photographic print.

aspen trees in autumn framed an on wall of a home.

Shown as a 24x36 inch print in the Roma 2.5 inch Gianni frame with a White Liner.

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Roma Frame Moulding Crafted in Italy

The Roma line of frames is our flagship framing option. Roma builds premier Italian frame moulding using the highest standards in quality, style and sustainability. Roma takes great care and pride in knowing that their mouldings are made using only woods from active reforestation programs. Their suppliers adhere to strict guidelines and use reclaimed wood when appropriate. In addition, they also use recycled and environmentally-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. We carry a specific selection of Roma frames but if you would like to browse all of the wonderful Roma frames to find your own favorite go to RomaMoulding, and then contact us requesting a quote for the moulding style and size you want.

The Tabacchino line shown below, is our most popular frame and complements many of Tomas' images. We offer this style in three different color options: Bourbon, Cigar Leaf and Dark Ash as well as different widths: 1-1/8, 2-3/4, and 4 inches. The detailed texture of the “piuma di ulivo” in the Tabacchino collection is achieved through various hand applications; thus preserving the warmth and beauty of the unique aged by nature’s elements that roll across the hills of the Tuscan countryside.

wild flowers in Big Sur California sunset framed print on wall
Color Waves Shown as a 30x45 inch print in Roma Tabacchino 2-5/8 inch Cigar Leaf frame.

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The Roma Lavo moulding brings old-world French design to its most modern edge. A fusion of traditional carvings enveloped in high gloss lacquer with sumptuous colors; controlled, blended and applied by Italian master craftsmen. The Lavo and Arber line of lacquered frames carried by Tomas complements many of his images with the modern look that is perfect for homes and offices.

Psalm 19:1 Shown in the Roma Lavo, Jet Black frame.

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The natural beauty of Roma Arber frames takes you to a cozy wooden cabin, deep in the woods where you are fully embraced in what nature has to offer. Mellow hues from distressed white to charcoal black, and Tom's favorite Smoked Pine, offer true beauty and character. Arber has the glowing beauty and warm feeling that only handcrafted quality mouldings can create. Sold by Tomas in 1-1/2, 2-3/4 and 3-1/2 inch widths these wood grained frames perfectly enhance mountain and forest scenes.

picture of redwood trees in a frame on an office wall
Redwood Cathedral shown as a 36x54 inch print in a Roma Arber, Smoked Pine frame.

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The leafed finish of the Terra mouldings has the appearance of ancient etched stone. The lashings of years of harsh weather wearing away layers of material at different stages, creating a uniquely textured finish. These frames are sold in two widths 1-3/8 and 2-5/8 inches and two color options of Stone Etched Gold and Stone Etched Pewter.

dead tree in Kodachrome Basin State Park in a Roma Frame.
Kodak Moment shown in the Roma Terra, Stone Etched Pewter frame.

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The Country Collection of frames is reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside, rustic buildings, peeling paint and whitewashed fences. Created by Italian artisans whose careful attention to detail evokes the beauty attained only by time and nature. Tomas has selected white frames for this collection that are perfect for black and white images, rustic architecture and ocean scenes. Sold in various widths from 1-1/4 to 3-1/2 inches.

Picture Cottage in England framed and on home wall
Brook Green shown as a 30x45 inch print in the Roma 3-1/4 inch Country Collection, Rustic White frame.

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Roma Liners

Roma Moulding Liners are a wonderful way to put a white or black space between your print and the frame. Liners are made of solid wood and are covered with a layer of cotton linen. The liner must be ordered in conjunction with a frame but it can be ordered for any frame we offer not just the Roma Line.

Studio Olea

The Olea Series made by Studio Molding is a 2.75 inch width molding, 100% wood and veneered in a choice of four different colors. Gray, which is a deep brown almost Black; Coffee, which is a wonderful rich earthy color; Cherry, which is natural and bright; and Pecan, which is warm and inviting.

Uinta Mountain and river scene with rainbow in frame
Departing Storm shown in the Olea Gray frame with a Black Liner.

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The Olea frames are perfect for accenting the earthy colors and shades in many of Tom's photographs.

framed picture of a sunset on the green river Wyoming on office wall.
Ethereal shown as a 24x48 inch print in The Olea Cherry frame and Black Liner.

Prints Available

desert bighorn sheep ram in Studio brand Olea Pecan frame
Lunch Munch shown in the Olea Pecan frame.

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Barnwood Rustic

Barnwood rustic frames are hand-made in Provo, Utah of reclaimed barnwood and various stained wood moldings with added features of barbed wire, inserts and overlays. These rustic frames are a perfect fit for your ranch house or cabin.

Due to the nature of barnwood, there will be variations in the color and texture of the wood on each frame. Rather than being a defect, these variations add personality and beauty to each frame.

Cliff Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah framed photograph on wall in home.
Cliff in the Clouds Shown as a 30x45 inch print in the Myrtle Beach frame.

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abstract photograph of running horses in rustic frame
The Ghost Stallion shown in the Rustic Texas Vaquero frame.

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framed photograph of autumn scene with mountains on cabin wall.
Cowboy's Vista shown as a 24x72 inch print in the Rustic Corner Block frame.

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The rustic barnwood frames are some of Tom's favorites, especially the Myrtle Beach and the Park City styles. These frames bring back memories of days on the farm and time spent at the family cabin. If you want a frame to complement the wild nature of many of Tom's photographs these frames are the perfect fit.

sunset over mountains in rustic barnwood frame
Pine Mountain Sunset shown in the Rustic Park City frame.

Prints Available

Finding a frame to fit your home décor and truly complete the photographic artwork can many times be daunting. For this reason, Tomas has selected his favorite frame for each one of his images in the Artist's Choice Framed Print Type selection under each photograph on his website. If you still cannot find a frame you like contact us and we can work with you to find the frame that will fit perfectly in your home or office.

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