How to hang your Aluminum Mounted Print

'September Sunset' shown as a 36x54 inch Aluminum Mount PrintPrints Available

'September Sunset' shown as a 36x54 inch Aluminum Mount Print
Prints Available

A step-by-step guide on how to hang your aluminum mounted print

Finding the Center Point

  • Measure the area where the print will hang and find the desired height and the center point. For instance if your print is 36x54 inches and it will hang in a space that is 45 inches wide and 72 inches high the center point of 45 inches is 22. 5 inches. You will need to visualize how high on the wall you want the print to hang. Mark this center point with a pencil.
  • Measure the backside hanging frame of the print from the right inside edge to the left inside edge.
  • Divide that measurement by 2. Now, divide that number again by 2. This number will be the approximate distance in from the edge of the hanging frame that you will want the hanging bracket placed on the wall. For instance on a 36x54 inch vertical print the distance from one edge to the other of the hanging frame is 24 inches. Half of 24 is 12 that is the center point and half of 12 is 6. So in this example the hanging brackets will sit 6 inches out on either side of the center point.
  • Go to the center point mark you made on the wall and mark new points where the hanging brackets will go. For instance on a 36x54 inch vertical print each hanging bracket will be 6 inches on either side of the center point and be 12 inches a part. Make sure to use a level when making these marks so the print will hang level.

Installing the Hanging Brackets

  • Insert the provided drywall anchors into each mark you created on the wall. If there is a framing stud in the way, the drywall anchor will not penetrate. Instead use a long wood screw to mount the hanging bracket to the wall.
  • Attach the hanging brackets to the drywall anchors using the provided screws.
  • Check the level between both hanging brackets and if needed adjust one side by loosening the screw and moving the bracket up or down.

Hanging Your Print

  • Hang your print on the two hanging brackets. These will clip into place with the hanging frame on the back of the print, preventing the print from falling off the wall.
  • If needed you can easily slide the print side to side to center it on the wall.

Enjoy Your New Print!

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