New Release of Morning Meditation

11/20/2020  |  Nevada

Announcing my new release of "Morning Meditation"! Taken at an undisclosed location, one of my favorite remote areas, for a client who commissioned me to capture this photograph.

sunrise over beaver pond and mountains
Morning Meditation
Ruby Mountains, NEVADA

Limited Edition of 50 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I met Doug and his wife Sara at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada in February, 2020. Doug loved my photographs of the high mountains in the fall but wanted a summer photograph with more greenery. He commissioned me to capture a photograph of peaks reflecting in a beaver pond in the coming months and so I planned for an adventure in June or July. I was able to make it to the location the week of the 4th of July and actually took this photograph on July 1, 2020. The evening I arrived it was snowing! I was back on site the next morning before light and set up in the snow and got some great images. The next morning there were no clouds when I arrived on site before light, but I new the calm conditions would create a fantastic reflection. I loved this spot with the tufts of grass sticking out of the water, the fallen tree and the towering mountains in the distance touched by the first light of morning. It was such a peaceful, meditative feeling as I sat there soaking it in. It was only later as I was editing the photographs that I found a great blue heron and a deer in this photograph! Doug and Sara loved this image and chose it for their print.

Shown as a 30x45 in a Roma Arber, Charcoal Black frame.

Taken on July 1, 2020 two days after a summer snowstorm it was COLD! I love high mountain areas like this, the sound of water gurgling out of beaver ponds, reflecting light in pools and watching the sunrise over the majestic peaks. Check out this video of the days adventure!

Nevada known as the "Silver State" because of the importance of silver to its history and economy means "snow-covered" in Spanish. Most of the state is desert, sagebrush country and has it's own beauty in the lonely desolation.

Nevada is bordered on the west by the Sierra Nevada Mountains with access to Lake Tahoe and many high mountain areas near Reno. Most of the interior of the state is contained in the Great Basin which has many wonderful mountain ranges such as the Ruby Mountains, White Mountains, Snake Range and Spring Mountains near Las Vegas. Great Basin National Park is a fantastic place to visit with places to visit like Lehman Caves National Monument and Wheeler Peak.