New Release of Thomas Canyon Falls | Fine Art Prints

8/5/2020  |  Nevada

Announcing my new release Thomas Canyon Falls, taken June 30,2020! This was a wonderful waterfall to photograph and actually spent hours sitting there just enjoying the wonderful scene. This image is offered in Limited Edition printings of no more than 50 prints and also in Open Edition canvas gallery wrap prints. Watch the video of how I photographed the amazing scene.

Water Fall in Ruby Mountains, Nevada

Thomas Canyon Falls

Ruby Mountains, Nevada

Limited Edition of 50 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I spent two nights camping in the Thomas Canyon campground in Lamoille Canyon, June 29-30, 2020. I got snowed on, rained on, my camp site and camp chair stolen, and I had a wonderful time! On the 30th after getting up before light to photograph the sunrise, I relaxed in camp and then took a hike up Thomas Canyon. This was an amazing hike up glacier carved canyon and there were a number of waterfalls, but this one was my favorite. This was one of my first images and I captured it as the sun went behind a cloud. I actually changed perspective after I took this one and photographed from the other spot until the light was gone. Surprisingly, this is my favorite photograph of the waterfall. Sometimes I just need to go with my gut, my first instinct is usually right. I love the simplicity of this waterfall and the pool at the base. Many times I have taken an afternoon dip in just such pools. I was also intrigued by the trees on the right side and how the light lit them nicely and the rock ledges and platform on the left. I'm really happy how this photograph turned out.

Thomas Canyon Falls shows as a 40x60 inch print in Park City frame.

Thomas Canyon Campground is located in northeast Nevada, 30 miles southeast of Elko in scenic Lamoille Canyon, surrounded by aspen and cottonwood trees along Lamoille Creek, elevation 7,600 feet. Fishing for rainbow and brook trout is popular on the creek. Thomas Canyon Trail begins at the campground, leading past several waterfalls, through an alpine meadow into a glacial cirque.

Lamoille Canyon is the largest valley in the Ruby Mountains, located in the central portion of Elko County in the northeastern section of the state of Nevada, in the western United States. Approximately 12 miles (19 km) in length, it was extensively sculpted by glaciers in previous ice ages.

Lamoille Canyon begins at Liberty Peak at an elevation of 11,032 ft (3,363 m). It quickly descends to a glacial basin now occupied by Lamoille Lake. A nearby granite shelf contains the picturesque Dollar Lakes. Further down the canyon is a large stand of Whitebark pine and the Road's End Trailhead, the high point (8,800 ft (2,700 m)) of Lamoille Canyon Road, which is a National Forest Scenic Byway. This is also the northern terminus of the 38-mile (61 km) Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail, and the start of the much shorter trail to Island Lake.

Road's End is where Lamoille Canyon begins a sweeping turn around the flanks of Thomas Peak, 11,325 ft (3,452 m). The glaciers have deeply carved the canyon, leaving a classic U-shaped cross section and, high on the side of Thomas Peak, four hanging valleys (including Island Lake). The road then passes the Terraces Picnic Area (featuring more glacial remnants) and Verdi Peak. A nearby nature trail exhibits the diverse plant life in the canyon bottom.

The canyon continues to descend to its junction with Thomas Canyon, which enters from the south. At the head of Thomas Canyon is majestic Mount Fitzgerald (11,215 ft (3,418 m)), and at its outlet is the Thomas Canyon Campground. About a mile below the campground, Lamoille Canyon passes through a narrow slot and then drops quickly to its junction with Right Fork Canyon, which also enters from the south. Near this point are Lamoille Falls, Camp Lamoille (available for group rental), and the precipitous north face of Mount Gilbert (11,120 ft (3,390 m)).