Limited Edition and Artist Proof Prints

Each Limited Edition Print is digitally signed and numbered. This digital signature prevents any fading of the signature and number to ensure authenticity for a lifetime. Each print also comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. This certificate provides proof of purchase for the original buyer. Tomas keeps the digital image file of each signed and numbered print and a digital copy of the certificate of authenticity on redundant hard drives to prevent any loss of data. Each time a new print is made in the series Tomas references these records to ensure no duplicates are ever made of an edition. The number of Limited Edition prints will vary depending on the image. Some images may only have 25 prints available and others only 100. The maximum will be 500 prints of any specific image.

Tomas may release an Artist Proof of any given image. This Artist proof will be an actual proof of the image that Tomas had printed to check editing or image quality. This print will most likely be a "one off" and have slight differences from the finished product released in the limited edition series, making it unique and rare. This artist proof will be signed and numbered as AP 1/1 and come with a matching certificate of authenticity. If you are interested in purchasing an artist proof contact us and we will let you know if there are any available.

'Sunset Splash' Asilomar State Beach, California

Prints Available