Aluminum Mount-Glossy or Matte finish

Choose between scratch resistant Glossy or Matte finish for your Museum Aluminum Mount print.

Glossy is highly reflective and is best suited for locations that have little natural light and are lit with overhead tracks lights. As you can see from the image below glossy shows reflections from the windows in the room.

Shown as a 30x45 inch print in Roma Charcoal Black frame.
Glossy example

Matte is non-reflective and works great in rooms with lots of natural light from windows. There will be a slight sheen on the photograph from the window light reflecting off the print but it is not as noticeable as the reflections on the glossy print.

Matte example

It is best to view prints by standing directly in front of them and to have them lit with overhead color balanced light.

After you place your order we will contact you for which finish option you would like.