Autumn In Motion Series- Abstract Art Prints

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I love abstract art and creating abstract photographs is always something I really enjoy. September 15,2021 we were driving over the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uinta Mountains and I was sitting in the passenger seat. The light was getting amazing, and the trees were changing into their autumn colors. I wanted to stop and spend time photographing by we couldn't because of time restraints. So I reached in the back seat and grabbed my camera. I love doing Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography and I thought "hmm... I wonder if I can do this while we are driving?" So I set my camera settings at ISO 31 f/22 and 1/8 second shutter speed after a few tries to get the exposure right and started shooting. It was really fun looking ahead for subjects and scenes and then panning the camera to the right and up trying to match the speed of the car with each exposure. Naming the series was easy, 'Autumn in Motion' but we really struggled with names for the individual images. Then we looked up synonyms for motion and movement and came up with names like Flux, Oscillate, Spin and Sway. We found these names perfect for these abstract photographs

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