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The America Bison commonly called buffalo are an amazing animal and part of the bovine family. 60 million bison once roamed across North America but by 1889 just 541 of the species were left after the mass slaughter by commercial hunters. Bison are an ancient ice age animal and their ancestors still dwell in the forests of north-central Europe, specifically in Poland. Photographing bison can be very easy and very challenging. The best and easiest way to photograph bison is from the comfort of your own vehicle. Places like Antelope Island State Park on the Great Salt Lake, Utah have many bison roaming freely and can easily be viewed from the safety of your car. Yellowstone National Park is another amazing place to see bison. Many people think bison are just large tame cows and many people are hurt every year because they don't respect these wild animals. Do not approach any wild animal to photograph it and learn to watch body language. When bison's tail goes up it can be a sign that the animal is going to move. Bison can move fast, as fast as a racehorse in the range of 30-35 miles per hour. If a bison chases you, you won't run away. Your best bet is to get to cover of a vehicle or behind trees. It is best to just stay back and photograph bison from a distance.

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