Eucalyptus Dawn Art For Sale

This series of photographs were all taken on June 8, 2020 in Monterey, California. When I lived in Monterey over 30 years ago, I use to ride by bicycle to and from work. I rode through this grove of eucalyptus twice a day often and more than once I tried to photograph it then but never got anything I liked. 30 years later while on vacation for my daughters wedding I made a point of spending a morning at this location. This grove of non-native trees is located between Del Monte Blvd and the sand dunes just east of Fisherman's Wharf on the bike path that goes from Monterey to Seaside. I love the smell of eucalyptus trees especially after a rain and though it had been dry the grove smelled so good. I got there early before the sunrise up and scouted for compositions. As the sun came up and the warm glow flowed through the grove I knew I was getting photographs I would love.

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