Sentinel Series Vertical Panoramic Aspen Tree Prints

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This grove of quaking aspen trees sit at the entrance to our family cabin property. Every time we pass it I am intrigued by the composition so I finally decided to photograph it. I started with the autumn photograph holding the camera horizontally and panning upward after each exposure. Then using Adobe Lightroom I "stitched" all the photographs together to make a vertical panoramic image. I liked the concept so much I decided to do one in all four seasons. The next photograph was winter and I actually captured that one on Thanksgiving weekend after a big snowstorm. It was difficult determining exactly where I stood in the fall photograph so each one is a little different. I took the early spring image just after the snow melted but before the leaves opened up. I like the starkness of that image showing the forest before spring arrives. The spring photograph was only taken 22 days after the primaveral image but wow how much the forest had changed! The summer photograph was taken on July 3rd and I went back a number of times over a three day period waiting for a good warm light.

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