Sunset Splash

These photographs make up my 'Sunset Splash' Series all taken June 7-8, 2020 on the stretch of coastline from Pebble Beach near China Rock to Pacific Grove on the Asilomar State Beach.

This was an amazing night of waves splashing at my feet and a lingering summer sunset. I was intrigued by the waves crashing against the rocks in the distance but I also wanted to include the sunset and scenes of the beach and rocks. I love how this series turned out. I hope you enjoy them and they bring back fond memories of romantic sunsets to you.

Asilomar State Beach is one of the best beaches on the Monterey Peninsula. The beautiful white sands stretch for a mile along the rugged coastline and are bordered on the ends with fields of rocks. Asilomar (meaning "Asylum or refuge by the sea" and pronounced a-SIL-o-mar) is a combination of two Spanish words: "asilo" and "mar" See this blog post if you would like to read more about the Monterey area.

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