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The Uinta Mountains of Utah are a magical wilderness of beauty and extremes. Situated on the Utah, Wyoming border they are the only range of the Rocky Mountains that run east to west. The 'Uintas' has many peaks ranging from 11,000-13,528 with King's Peak being the highest. The Uinta Mountains are encompassed in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and the Ashely National. The Mirror Lake Highway, State Route 150, crosses over the western half of the Uintas beginning in Kamas, Utah and ending in Evanston, Wyoming. The Mirror Lake Highway is the highest paved road in Utah, topping out at Bald Mountain Pass with an elevation of 10,715 ft.

The High Uintas Wilderness encompasses 456,705 acres and stretches nearly 60 miles east to west. It is a spectacular area with hundreds of glacier-formed lakes reflecting blue skies and Utah's highest peaks in clear, cold water. This area was legally designated as wilderness in 1984, by the Utah Wilderness Act. The intent of wilderness designation is to preserve parts of the earth as places dominated by natural forces, not man. People are visitors who do not remain, but who can watch and learn how nature works without human interference. Because of this special designation, it is important for wilderness visitors to travel lightly with minimum impact on the land. Travel by foot or by horseback, in small groups. Hide your campsite away from lakes and trails so all visitors may have a peaceful and private experience. Keep fires small or use a camp stove. Keep your eyes and ears open to the beauty and wildness around you.

The High Uintas is jointly managed by the Wasatch-Cache and Ashley National Forests.

Photographing in the Uinta Mountains can be an adventure of color, extremes and beauty. There is abundant wildlife and scenic mountain views of snow covered peaks reflecting in amazing alpine lakes. Make sure to take your time and enjoy the scenery watching for the perfect composition and light. Some of Tom's favorite places to photograph are Christmas Meadows, Mirror Lake and the area between Evanston, Wyoming and the Bear River Lodge. Where ever you wander in the Uinta Mountains if you take the time you can find amazing photographic opportunities and adventure.

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