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Yellowstone National Park is one of the premier wilderness destinations on the planet. Despite the crowds and traffic jams Yellowstone is a vast wilderness covering 3,468.4 square miles. The majority of Yellowstone sites in a volcanic caldera and is surrounded by high rugged mountains. Native Americans lived in the Yellowstone area for as long as 11,000 years and in the early 1800's fur trappers such as John Colter explored the area. Others did not believe him and referred to the area as Colter's Hell until the first detailed expedition to the Yellowstone area by the Cook–Folsom–Peterson Expedition of 1869.

There are many colorful springs to visit and photograph in Yellowstone. My favorites are Mammoth, Artist Paintpots, Grand Prismatic, Biscuit Basin area and Black Sand Basin to name a few. There are also many amazing lakes, river and streams to see and photograph in the park along with many back country adventures of hiking and camping. I prefer hiding out during the middle of the day to avoid the crowds in places like Firehole Canyon, or Craig Pass on the Grand Loop Road. I then set out in time to get setup for my photography as the sun is setting.

Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places yet I don't get there as often as I would like. If you would like to commission me to photograph a specific spot in the park, contact me I would be glad to make arrangements to capture the photograph you dream about.

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