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Yellowstone is one of the gems of the west. This vast wilderness traversed with roads, dotted with lodges and campgrounds and infused with tourists during the summer months seems more like an amusement park than wilderness. This fools many people into a false sense of security. The reality is what people see from the roads is only a small portion of the park and the wilderness surrounding these pockets of civilization is owned by mother nature, she rules there. I don't get to travel to Yellowstone as much as I would like. I only live about 300 miles from the west gate yet I finding the time to make the trip is difficult. I decided to change that in 2020 and I visited the park twice in June and once in September. I had visited the park briefly in 2004 and then my wife and I spent 4 days there in 2009. Exploring the park again was like seeing it for the first time and now I can't wait to get back in 2021. Yellowstone has it all from elk and wolves to forests, waterfalls, and of course the hot springs and geysers. If it wasn't for the crowds I would find it the perfect place to be.

There are many colorful springs to visit and photograph in Yellowstone. My favorites are Mammoth, Artist Paintpots, Grand Prismatic, Biscuit Basin area and Black Sand Basin to name a few. There are also many amazing lakes, river and streams to see and photograph in the park along with many back country adventures of hiking and camping.

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