Celtic Festival Evanston, Wyoming 2017


Wow we had such a good time at this years Celtic Festival in Evanston Wyoming!!

I have told the organizers of this event I will keep going to this festival as a vendor even if I don’t make any money. This festival is about the music and this year we were not let down! There were two bands from Ireland The Young Irelanders and Skippers Alley and a performer and his band from Galicia Spain Carlos Nunez and they were all amazing!! A friend of mine who had never been to this event before turned to me at one point during Carlos’s concert and said ,”I can’t believe I’m in Evanston Wyoming seeing such world class music!”

We also had an amazing show in sales!! I want to thank all the wonderful people who know are proud owners of my work. I especially want to thank one young woman who now owns a 24×36 canvas of Stirling Castle. I was shutting down for the night and I saw her holding a baby looking for someplace to sit. I invited her into my booth to sit down and we were chatting as I was turning off the electronics and gathering my things. After a few minutes she pointed to the print of Stirling Castle and said “I want that one.” So I boxed it up for her!!

The Ceili at the Roundhouse is our favorite event for many reasons but the people who attend really make it the best!

Thank you!!

Collage of inside of our tent
Collage of inside of our tent
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