New Release of October Sky

10/17/2020  |  Uinta Mountains, Utah

My wife and I hiked the Clyde Lake loop trail on Saturday October 17, 2020. This trail starts at the Crystal Lake trailhead, is approximately 5.3 miles round trip and has an elevation gain of about 500 feet. It was a glorious October day with some wind and cool temperatures. We took our time on the hike and I carried my camera gear in hopes of getting some sunset photographs over one of the many lakes. We ended up getting to Wall Lake at the perfect time to capture an amazing sunset and then hiked out in the dark. Check out the video of the whole adventure!

Sunset at Wall Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah
October Sky
Uinta Mountains, UTAH

The wonderful fall weather was amazing and this 5 mile hike was good for my soul. This is a high mountain trail that starts at just over 10,000 feet and visits many wonderful lakes and ponds. We approached Wall Lake as the sun was setting and seeing the color form in the sky we rushed to the shore for the sunset. I set up and photographed as the sky exploded in color. I chose this spot quickly because I liked the shoreline receding into the distance and the log in the lower right corner. My wife and I watched in awe as the water reflected the sky in shades of magenta. We ended finishing the last mile of the hike in the dark but it was well worth it to photograph such an amazing sunset over Wall Lake with Mount Watson towering in the background.

Uinta Mountains

The Uinta Mountains pronounced Yoo-in-ta are a subrange of the Rocky Mountains that trend east-west along the Utah, Wyoming border. The range has peaks ranging from 11,000–13,528 feet, with the highest point being Kings Peak, also the highest point in Utah. The Mirror Lake Highway crosses the western half of the Uintas on its way to Wyoming.