Blog: New Release Of "Bons-Eye View"


Announcing my newest release 'Bons-Eye View'! I spent two evenings October 7-8, 2020 photographing on the shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. There is one specific rock that has been named Bonsai Rock because of the bent and weathered trees on it. I have been there numerous times but it had been awhile and I missed the trail and ended up having to scramble over rocks and trees. I did end up getting some great photographs of the sunset and my favorite we named 'Bons-Eye View' as a play on words because of the fisheye look of the photograph. Watch the video below for the adventure!

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Bons-Eye View

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Limited Edition of 100 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I spent two nights visiting this rock on the shore of Lake Tahoe, October 7 and 8, 2020. This rock is referred to as Bonsai Rock because of the little bent trees that scrape by an existence on its surface. There were fires burning in California and I hoped the smoke and haze in the air would make for an amazing sunset. I took this photograph on the first night after the sun had gone down while light lingered in the sky. I love the cloud arching over framing the top half of the photograph. I used my 14 mm wide angle lens and turned it vertical to capture this image. I then shot 10 images panning from left to right. I stitched them together in post process and adjusted and cropped the image to this 2:3 ratio standard size photograph. Honestly I was shocked at how well this turned out. You never really know what you are going to get though I've become a pretty good judge of the conditions, but this one surprised me! I love how it turned out with the wonderful color, the shoreline and clouds framing Bonsai Rock in in a fisheye view.

shown as a 40x60 inch print in Roma 4 inch Anubis Black frame.