Hike to Cuberant Lake | Uinta Mountains

10/3/2020  |  Uinta Mountains, Utah

My son and I hiked to Cuberant Lake in the Uinta Mountains of Utah on Saturday, October 3, 2020. We did this hike to see how hard it is, if we could handle it and if it had possibilities for great photography. We were not let down and are looking forward to going back next summer and spending 4-5 nights camping at the lake photographing, fishing and mushroom hunting. We had a wonderful time on this hike which is about 3 miles to the lake. We also hiked another 2 miles or so exploring the basin so all told our hike was about 8 miles. We saw chipmunks, pika, and birds. We also found deer, moose, mountain lion and elk tracks and even tracks in the mud that some might think were bigfoot tracks! Check out this video of our adventure of some of the best hiking in Utah!

Hiking with my son Austin to Cuberant Lake.

Hike to Cuberant Lake

Uinta Mountains, UTAH

Hiking with my son Austin to Cuberant Lake.

Cuberant Lake (or Cuberant Lake #1) is a lake in the Uinta Mountains, Utah. The lake is the largest of the lakes in the Cuberant Basin, a glacial hanging valley at the base of Mount Marsell. The lake sits at an elevation of 10,426 feet. Cuberant is a word derived from the Native American, Ute language meaning "long". The (main) lake is substantially larger that the other six lakes in the Cuberant Lakes Basin (the other six are unnamed and are simply referred to as "Cuberant Lake #2", "Cuberrant Lake #3", etc.)

The hiking trail to access Cuberant Lake starts at the Pass lake Trail Head on the Mirror Lake Highway which is near Pass Lake. It is about 3 miles to the lake and is rated as a moderate hike. The trail passes through beautiful meadows, past wandering streams, unnamed small ponds and then over a low pass that offers amazing views of Bald Mountain and Reids Peak. Watch for wildlife and carry a camera for some fantastic photography opportunities.