Blog: New Product! Gallery Ultra Lumachrome Acrylic Mounted Prints - 10/5/2020

Introducing my new product the Gallery Ultra Lumachrome Acrylic Mounted Print!

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Whispering Woods

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Limited Edition of 50 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I spent three glorious days in Yellowstone the first weekend of September. I scouted this location Friday evening the 4th and was back on site at 6:00 a.m. on the 5th to capture this amazing photograph. The early fall colors were starting to tint the grass red and in the cool morning air the steam rising off the water gives the forest a ghostly mood. I love the stark dead trees with their bleached white trunk socks and the stream curving into the scene guiding the viewer into the mist.

This image is a 1:3 ratio panoramic where I shot multiple vertical photographs and then stitched them together in post processing. This image file is huge and can be blown up as large as 60x180 inches and still be crystal sharp. On a large print you can count every blade of grass, the water droplets on the grass, the mist covered cobwebs. The detail is truly amazing!

I asked on Facebook for help naming this image and got almost 300 wonderful suggestions! I knew I would know the name when I heard it and then a man named Agustus McRae from Texas said Whispering Woods! I actually wrote a song by that title years ago and I knew it fit this image perfectly! Mr. McRae won a matted and framed 8x24 for his suggestion!

I also am releasing one Artist's Proof of this photograph in a Gallery Ultra Lumachrome Acrylic Mounted print. This print is 16x48 inches, is signed and numbered AP 1/1 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. See the Artist's Specials category below to purchase this Artist's Proof.

Artist's Proof 1 of 1 in a 16x48 inch Gallery Ultra Lumachrome Acrylic print.
Shown as a 24x72 inch print in a Roma Dark Ash frame.

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