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Introducing my new release Night Fire! I spent three nights in Yellowstone National Park September 4,5 and 6 2020 and had an amazing time! This night I befriended another photographer named Joe and we shot this scene and others. I love how this photograph turned out with the hot spring steam rising up to the Milky Way galaxy and the red glow in the sky from the nearby forest fire.

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Night Fire

Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Limited Edition of 50 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I had been in south eastern Idaho photographing and decided to spend Labor Day weekend in Yellowstone. The crowds and traffic were awful and to make matters worse they closed the highway 89 from Old Faithful to the Lake because of a fire. None of this really bothered me because I'm only out early in the morning and then from sunset to midnight when there really aren't a lot of people around. I slept and took it easy all day long on September 6, 2020 and then headed to Fountain Paint Pots to photograph as the sun was going down. I was walking up to the board walk and I saw another photographer sitting on the bench with his camera and tripod. He was wearing all camouflage and I walked up to him and said "hey, you're wearing my favorite color!" He laughed and we got talking and ended up hanging out the rest of the night! I had scouted Black Sand Basin early and thought some of the hot pots would be cool to shoot the Milky Way over. When it got dark I told him about my plan and he asked if he could tag along. We drove up the road and got set up and I tried using my flashlight to light the springs but it was just too bright. He said "wait I have some Lume Cubes in my car I have never used!" He went and got them and I suggested setting them up to the side to light the steam coming off the spring. I worked perfectly!! I love how this photograph turned out with the steam rising straight up and the galaxy angling in to the left. The red glow on the left horizon was the fire burning just out of view and the smoke gave the reddish yellow tint to the lower part of the galaxy.

Night Fire shown as a 30x45 inch print in Roma, Stone Etched Gold frame and Black Liner.

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