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Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah is one of Utah's gems of desert landscape and geology. This parks sits about 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park and is 12 miles south of route 12 near Cannonville, Utah. The area was explored and photographed by the National Geographic Society in 1948 and was dubbed Kodachrome Flat after the brand of Kodak film known for its vibrant colors. The area was designated a state park in 1962 but was named Chimney Rock State Park, a few years later with the permission of Kodak it was renamed Kodachrome Basin.

Kodachrome Basin is the only area on the planet to have geological features known as sand or sedimentary pipes. These pipes or spires and chimneys are free standing sandstone towering monoliths that are amazing to see in person and make the perfect subject for photography.

Kodachrome Basin State Park has three campgrounds: Arch, Basin and Bryce View though if you plan on camping in the park you must reserve your site months or even a year in advance. There is dispersed camping nearby on the dirt road after you pass the turnoff to the Park though even these sites can fill up fast.

There are numerous hiking trails by which you can explore the park. The Grand Parade Trail is one of my favorites as it passes through amazing terrain and close to many of the spires. The other trails; Panorama, Angels Palace, Nature Trail and Shakespeare Arch are all amazing with Shakespeare Arch trail being another of my favorites. Shakespeare Arch collapsed in April of 2019 and now is just a pile of rocks but the trail is an amazing hike.

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