The Gold standard of Fine Art Printing, with lifetime no-fade guarantee!

A pigment paper print with archival rating of hundreds of years is laminated with a highly scratch resistant UV inhibiting overlay and then mounted to a sheet of aluminum. This print type has the highest color gamut of any print type in the industry. The colors are deep and rich, the whites pure and the blacks complete. These pigment paper prints have been tested to last over 100 years behind standard glass in normal viewing environments. When put behind UV inhibiting glass or laminates the archival quality of these prints has been proven to last over 200 years!

Many artists are printing or mounting to aluminum because of the thin rigid profile and flat appearance. The most common aluminum print on the market is done with dye-sublimation, which is popular because of its low cost. Due to its many issues, we do not offer it as a museum grade print.

Tomas has experimented with all the available options for aluminum, but has found issues with all of them until now. After working closely with a professional photography and art printing lab, Tomas found the perfect museum grade, aluminum mount that has archival quality for hundreds of years and is very durable. If one of your Museum Aluminum Mounted Prints fade, Tomas will replace it at no cost to you! Over the years Tomas has had many requests for prints to hang in bright sunlit rooms but he has had to decline because traditional photographic papers and dye-sublimation prints will fade in direct sunlight. Now, Tomas can not only offer non-fading prints, but can guarantee against fading for life!

This print type is typically displayed with the museum float mount, and no frame is required. If you would like this print framed, see our Frame Options or contact us directly and we can help you pick out the perfect frame for your print.

For more information read this blog post on the Museum Aluminum Mounted Prints

Horseshoe Bend

Limited Edition of 500 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

I spent two different evenings at Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Arizona. The second night February 4 2017, I stayed until dark with a Chinese student whom I befriended. We were the last ones to leave. At this spot, the view is spectacular with a 1,000-foot drop to the river. I got there 2 hours before sunset both nights to “stake my claim” to a perfect vantage point. The changing light and the many photographs I took made it difficult to choose a favorite but I finally decided on this one. I love the last rays of sunshine and the warm glow of the cool February sun. I really got lucky this night with the clouds, they help give depth to the photograph and the reflection the river was an added bonus!

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