Blog: Magical Storm


This was such an amazing summer storm to photograph at Christmas Meadows, Utah! I hope you enjoy this video.

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Magical Storm

Uinta Mountains, UTAH

Limited Edition of 20 Museum Grade, Fine Art Prints.

This photograph is #2 of 4 in a series of photographs all shot within a 90 minute period on July 3, 2020. The series is aptly named Summer Storm.

Rain was splattering the lens and I had to keep wiping it off, the wind was blowing causing ripples on the river surface and then the rainbow began to appear like an apparition. I waited at Christmas Meadows in the Uinta Mountains for the perfect moment to see what would happen. At 8:06 PM I captured this photograph of the amazing magical storm, a double rainbow in front of the mountains dimmed in a veil of rain and clouds yet lit by the setting sun. It was truly one of those moments I thought, "the only thing that could make this better would be a unicorn drinking from the river."

Shown as 24x36 inch print in a Black Liner and Roma Auberge Brown frame.

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