These photographs were taken between March 25th and March 29th of 2014 while Tomas was in Scotland. Here you will find magical scenes of nature and landscapes of the Highlands, Castles, rivers, bridges, Culloden Moor, lighthouses and even a Scottish Highland Cow! Tomas dreamt of traveling to Scotland ever since his childhood and when he arrived he felt like a salmon that had swam upstream to return to its home. Tom's ancestors on both sides of his family are from Scotland and he was able to visit his 4th great grandparents gravesite in the small village of Marykirk, which is northeast of Edinburgh. He was able to travel to Inverness, Oban, Edinburgh, Stirling, Glen Coe and the jewel of the trip for him was visiting Loch Ness and being able to take a boat ride on the loch. If you are planning a trip to Scotland and want some advice contact us Tomas would love to talk to you about where to go and what to see.